Pros and cons of online poker

The main advantage is freedom of access. It allows amateurs to spend their leisure time pleasantly at any time: before going to bed, at lunchtime, on vacation, etc. Professionals – to work from anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet. Few activities provide such detachment from place and schedule.

A person who makes a living from poker does not depend on a city or country, he does not have a strictly set work schedule. On days when he is not in a productive mood, he may not play. May go to the tropics for the winter or go hiking in the mountains and drop out of the work schedule for a week. And no one will fire.

Everything is clear with freedom, but the situation with income is much more complicated. It requires discipline, a desire to develop, train, constantly update knowledge.

Other advantages of online play:

  • Integrity guarantee. The poker room software itself distributes the cards, calculates the bets and determines the winner. All users are equal for him, so fraud or deception is excluded.
  • Saving time. Unlike a real poker club, you can play online in a minute: open the application, enter your username and password, select the limit and amount for landing. There is no need to get to the place where the game is organized, agree on a personal schedule with other participants and plan the way back.
  • Wide selection. Most live poker rooms and casinos have severely limited poker choices. Hold’em is almost always played, less Omaha. If you want to play Razz or 5-card draw, you will have to negotiate with other participants and, possibly, wait for another dealer. The online audience is larger, so the chances of finding at least one table of the required format are higher.
  • The ability to play for free. No deposit bonuses and freerolls allow you to test your gaming strategy without risking funds from your own wallet.
  • Home atmosphere. Sitting in front of the monitor or with a smartphone, you can take any position, make tea or coffee, play lying down, do something in parallel.

Like any online activity, online poker has its drawbacks:

  • For most, poker is a constant nerve. To become a specialist, you need to hone your composure, learn to calmly react to transfers or be able to ignore them.
  • There is always the risk of losing. Poker is a game of skill, but not without the factor of luck. Even making strategically correct, profitable decisions, the player can lose the pot or be knocked out of the tournament at an important moment.
  • Professional income can be volatile. The performance graph of any regular consists of ups and downs. You can end April at minus $ 200, and add $ 900 to your bankroll in May. Winning consistently requires discipline, self-learning ability, and mental toughness.
  • The life of a poker player can be similar to self-isolation, because he does not need to leave the house. For some, going to the store becomes entertainment, communication skills are lost, sleep and nutrition disorders, and low physical activity appear.
  • Poker is not the same. Every year the high stakes regulars say the industry is dying, the online game has no future. They are partially right, some disciplines are already 100% won by computers. But the overall picture is not so sad. Rummies try to keep bots out of the game, the most popular formats are still difficult to miscalculate. Plus, there are still enough real people to be able to consistently play poker online for money and earn or enjoy testing your luck.

Poker has advantages and disadvantages similar to those of eSports. Therefore, it can be practiced both as an amateur and as a professional. For the second, you need perseverance, the ability to monitor your regime, the desire to study strategy.


How to choose online poker casino for real money

Even among the rooms selected for this article, it is difficult to choose the best one. Usually professional poker players play two or three rooms. In one, it is difficult to collect a sufficient load. Choose a few criteria that are important to you:

  • Game time. In some rooms, the peak occurs at night in Kiev, in some – in the morning.
  • The presence of a game at limits in your format. In some rooms there is little traffic for mid-stakes regulars, but a lot at micro-stakes, or vice versa.
  • National composition. If a room focuses on players from American countries, then the field there will be stronger than in a room that focuses on Asians.
  • Opportunity to win a ticket to a live event. Not all rooms offer these satellites.
  • Rakeback amount. If you are going to play a lot, then this is an important indicator. With good rakeback, hundreds of dollars a month can be returned.
  • Room selection criteria vary depending on the specific user. Determine what is most important to you and download the client of the room you like. Any room from the list above can be safely installed.

Free real money poker game

You can play poker without transferring your personal funds to your account. Freerolls are held in all rooms, many of them offer a no deposit bonus.

Freerolls are tournaments where you can register for free and win real money. The no deposit bonus is a welcome offer when the poker room gives funds to the game for registration. These promotions are run by 888poker and GGPokerOK .

Freerolls and no deposit bonuses allow you to try your own hand at poker and even start a poker career without investment. Without luck and hard work, you cannot achieve big wins, but in the absence of risk it is reckless to miss a free opportunity. Moreover, there are high-level pros in the modern community who started from scratch.

Is it real to make money with poker

Online poker for real money can still generate income above the average. For a regular profitable game, you need to learn the strategy of your discipline and learn how to apply it. You need to train multitabling and develop the habit of working on theory on specially designated days. Work means using calculators, sorting out hands with senior fellows in the shop, and working with statistics.

And these are only individuals who are ready to advertise their activities and successes. There are many more poker players who consider it right to remain in the shadows. Some of them earn as much as the listed players, some less, but still very worthy.


TOP-5 most interesting facts about blackjack

Blackjack has been one of the most popular games of chance for centuries. There is no person who has not heard of blackjack, but not everyone knows about its features or interesting stories that happened to fans of this game

1 Blackjack Hall of Fame

Due to the worldwide popularity of the game, in 2003 in the California casino Barona created a real hall of fame blackjack. By online voting, only seven of the 21 candidates were selected to spend in the Hall of Fame in the first year of its existence.

These people were blackjack professionals. Among them: theorist and writer Arnold Schneider, who has written more than 10 books and several hundred articles on gambling, mathematics professor Edward Torm, who proved that card counting works, and another mathematician, Peter Griffin, who devoted his life to the study of blackjack.

Currently, the Hall of Fame can be replenished by only one person per year.
Interestingly, members of this community can eat in the restaurant and stay at the Barona Hotel absolutely free of charge, but they are strictly forbidden to play in the casino here.

2 Blackjack is the most lucrative card game

Blackjack gives players more chances to win

Blackjack has many advantages over other games of chance. These include relatively simple rules, the ability to mathematically count cards, and an extremely low percentage of player defeats.

No less important is the fact that blackjack is considered the most profitable game in the gambling range, because in it the player has an advantage over the casino. However, in an online casino, thanks to the operation of a random number generator, the chances of the parties are equalized.

3 How blackjack broke the casino

Australian Kerry Parker is a media mogul, billionaire, and at the same time a passionate blackjack player. In 1997, he bankrupted MGM Casino, winning $ 30 million in one night. To the delight of his victory, he left the mayor and one of the waitresses $ 1 million “for tea”.

Interestingly, he later became the owner of a casino called Crown.

4 Blackjack saved FedEx

The win of FedEx founder Frederick Smith is considered one of the brightest wins in the history of blackjack. The fact is that the amount of profit was relatively small – 27 thousand dollars, but it was this money that saved FedEx from bankruptcy and helped the company become a global logistics giant.

5 Blackjack is Napoleon Bonaparte’s favorite game

Historical evidence suggests that the French general considered blackjack his favorite game. Sometimes he spent whole days playing cards, and when there was no one to play with, Napoleon taught the rules of blackjack to his soldiers and played with them. Some historians claim that he played so well that he devised his own strategies and tactics for victory.


Win money playing poker in the best online casinos and try your skills in a complex game

To win money playing poker is not an easy thing for non-experienced gamers, but pretty possible in case you are ready to spend some time learning the main rules of poker and thinking about your own strategy that you will use during the whole game. Poker is considered not only one of the most complex and unpredictable card games, but also one of the most profitable. Every day online and land-based gambling establishments conduct big poker tournaments where many real people can take part and win really big amounts of money. That is why, if you are planning to earn money with the help of poker, it is necessary to have good preparation and a “tricky” mind to be able to beat the opponents.

How to win money in an online poker

Every professional gambler knows that to win money playing poker takes some efforts, skills, and experience. It cannot be compared to slot machines where you just need to spin the reels and hope for luck. Poker has its specific rules, which may differ depending on the variation of the game, but its main goal will always be to collect the most powerful combination. There are many strategies to play poker win real money that were used by many gamblers, but not all of them may work in a certain situation, so it’s important to feel the game and to be able to apply the right strategy at the right time. Therefore, there are some common tips that will help you to improve your results and help you to win money prizes playing online poker:

  1. Narrow your preflop ranges – this is one of the simplest and quickest ways to improve your game overall;
  2. Don’t be afraid to bluff – bluffing will make you unpredictable and can confuse your opponents;
  3. Don’t cheat on your bankroll management or training when things go uphill – you need to play rationally and with a cool head during takeoffs;
  4. Play strong hands using a quick and aggressive manner – don’t be afraid to scare the opponent;
  5. Take your time with decisions, use the time bank to think things over – don’t rush as it can lead to mistakes.

Also, don’t forget to learn and pay so much attention to the practice. Learning is important if you want to become a professional poker player. But at the same time, poker is a game that takes a lot of practice. Without practice, you will not be able to apply the theory that you learned outside the game table, and you will also begin to lose the inner sense of the game and its rhythm. There are many online platforms to play poker for free and win money where you can get enough practice and experience without risking your own funds.

The rules to play three card poker and win cash online

Everyone who took a decision to earn with the help of gambling games would be interested in how to win money playing poker online, especially the three-card poker. It is a popular type of poker with the main feature when the participants play against the casino. The table can simultaneously accommodate up to 6 people. The number of players is determined by the number of cells on the game table. If one person is playing at the table, he can occupy several slots at once. The game is played with a standard 52-card deck. Many people think that this kind of poker is much simpler, but this is far from the case. The main steps of playing three card poker are:

  • Place an Ante bet and after that, you receive 3 cards. The dealer distributes them face-up and nobody replaces the card, there is no open one either;
  • After evaluating your cards, make a decision – fold or place a Bet. In the first case, you lose the initial bet. In the second, you need to bet an amount equal to the Ante;
  • If you didn’t fold but made Bet, the next move should be made by the dealer. If he failed to get a combination or at least a card higher than a queen then for Ante, you get a payout of 1:1. If the dealer is in the game, the participant loses his bets.

There is also one more separate bet called Pair-plus that the player can make with Ante or even instead. After this bet, the dealer must deal the cards and check what has dropped out. If the player has a combination of “Pair” or higher, then the bonus is encouraged and he can win cash. Otherwise, the player’s bet goes to the casino bank.


Poker no deposit bonus and where to get it?

Playing poker online is a great opportunity to have plenty of self-indulgence and a chance to play for free but with real money that is given for granted. This is all due to the policies that online casinos introduce to attract more clients hence free money is given away to play poker with free bonus no deposit claims. The best places to get the most generous cash offerings are Canada and Australia. People can simply search the web to get access to affiliate resources and claim a bonus code. Very often cash is given away automatically but it is crucial to know, which casinos currently have the offer, so to get poker no deposit bonus, searching is required anyway.

Poker bonus codes in 2021 with no deposit still viable today

As far as any poker no deposit bonus is concerned, it lasts for a limited length of time only, so it is needed to be used during that time. The length is decided by the online casino marketing department only, so whether conditions for the offering is about to be changed or new terms are about to be introduced is based purely on marketing people’s decisions. Sometimes an offer may last for a few days and often never be changed throughout the year and being carried out into the next year. The same thing happens with the best no deposit bonuses that were introduced in 2021 and that are still viable today. Here are some of them:

  1. 888 casino Canada provides its newcomers with $88.00 free cash and no bonus code is required;
  2. Free spin casino provides its newcomers with $35.00 free cash, bonus code is SPINNER35;
  3. Wink slot casino provides its newcomers with $30.00 free cash and no bonus code is required;
  4. Lucky tiger casino provides its newcomers with $60.00 free cash, bonus code is KING60;
  5. DOM Game casino provides its newcomers with $25.00 free cash, bonus code is 25MAFIA.

Most of the time, no deposit bonuses feature free spins that are not suited for anything apart from slots, so to play poker with free bonus no deposit, it should feature real money only.

Instant free cash with making no deposit

When people intend to play poker no deposit bonus with free money, there is no doubt that it will be credited instantly after the bonus code is entered on signing up. It has to be mentioned that a few offers will ensure that money is added to the account instantly with no requirement to enter a bonus code. It is done automatically just like with 888 casinos. There era several other casinos that can add money to the account instantly without the obligation to enter a bonus code:

  • Irish luck casino provides $15.00 automatically;
  • Lucky draw casino provides $15.00 automatically;
  • Winward casino provides $44.00 automatically;
  • Desert nights casino provides $20.00 automatically;
  • 24VIP casino provides $25.00 automatically;

Just like in 2021, every above mentioned automatic poker no deposit bonus is added to players’ accounts in 2021 after completing a registration process.


Blackjack rules: master popular gambling game and start playing for real money

Blackjack – is a very popular card gambling game, that could be played in land-based casinos and on online gambling platforms. It also has another name – “twenty one” and it could be easily explained, cause the main idea of the blackjack is to collect a couple of cards with a total score of 21 on them. The dealer also participates in the game, and if he was the one who collected 21 – he is getting everyone’s bets.

If the total score of the cards exceeds 21, then the player automatically losing this round. If no one collected 21, money gets the person who was closer than other ones to the number 21. If it were a couple of people – the dealer split all bets between them.

Simple rules of the blackjack

If you became interested in playing blackjack, you should be familiar with the main blackjack card game rules, so that you will be well-prepared. Unlike slots, craps, baccarat and other games of luck, here your strategy has an influence on the end of the game. It’s still not comparable to poker, where you could make an effort in order to win money, cause in blackjack luck still plays an important role. You could just get bad cards. But knowing rules and tricky strategies, you could understand what cards have your opponents on hands and plan your future steps.

So, basic rules of blackjack are:

  • First thing in blackjack rules that you should perfectly know – you don’t have to exceed 21 no matter what. If you got 18-19 on your cards, better not to risk and just hope that your opponent collected less;
  • Ace could be counted as 1 or 11, depending on what number will be more helpful to you. You could use this trick to get closer to the winnings;
  • Face cards (J, Q, K) counts as 10;
  • 2 through 10 counts as face value;

All you should know is that your goal is not to let yourself exceed the number 21. Even if you collected less than it, you still have a chance that your opponents and the dealer collected a lower number or at least the same, so you could share bets with them. But once you’ve crossed number 21, you are automatically losing the game and need to start from the beginning the next time.

Strategies, that will help you to start winning in blackjack at Australian casino

Once you’ve learned all basic blackjack 21 rules, found trustful casino and the game that you’ve liked mostly, practiced for some time and stopped being a newbie on this field, you could try using different strategies. For years of playing gambling games, professional players separated some helpful tricks that could bring you the winning quite easily. Here are some of them:

  1. Split Aces and Eights – it isn’t written in blackjack rules, but trust us, you will be grateful for this advice when you became an advanced player;
  2. Pick the table with double down option;
  3. Set your limit and never spend more money from your budget than you could afford;
  4. Combine different strategies and create your own one, that will bring you money almost every game;

Practice your skill, watch live tournaments and learn from other players and you will become professional very quickly.


Blackjack casino bonus no deposit for the successful game with no risk

Among the many tempting offers created by electronic platforms for gambling enthusiasts, there is undoubtedly the blackjack casino bonus provided by some sites on certain conditions.

Bonuses of this kind offered by online casinos will especially delight the members of our gambling establishment. After all, such a pleasant surprise will allow every gambling addict to make a great start at the beginning of the game.

Blackjack casino bonus no deposit with free sign up in Canada

The principles and procedure for the provision of bonuses in electronic casinos usually consist of the following actions:

  • the player registers on the selected site with a blackjack casino bonus;
  • fills in his profile, after which he simply confirms the specified email address;
  • receives a no deposit casino bonus on the balance created in the game.

Experienced players note that the conditions and procedure for providing various blackjack online free bonus and benefits largely help to determine the level of reliability and the general attitude of the gaming site to its members.

At the same time, the amount of the offered bonuses can be very different and vary depending on the wishes of the founders of the gaming site.

How to use blackjack casino bonus in real money

The standard principles of using an online blackjack bonus include certain conditions for its use. It can be the need to place a bet using the bonus a certain number of times or the need to use the provided bonus for a certain amount of time.

Some connoisseurs of electronic gambling recommend using the issued bonuses as a starting opportunity to practice any type of games before starting to conquer the heights of gambling using real money. In certain types of games that involve creating strategy, bonuses can help to develop personal style and features of playing the game, guaranteeing a pleasant win.

Get blackjack casino bonus online in Canada casinos

Benefits for members, including the no deposit casino bonus provided in Canadian casinos, will provide site users with exceptional pleasure in realizing their gambling aspirations.

The safety and reliability of each participant, as well as the confidentiality of the information posted in their profile, will make the game on our site a great way to make friends with the world of excitement and exciting entertainment.

Blackjack bonuses are very popular among those who have already appreciated the wonderful world of gambling on the internet.

Also, many online casinos offer loyalty bonuses and targeted bonuses for a specific game based on playing history at that online casino. So if the players’ bankroll is shrinking rapidly and he usually plays blackjack, then no need to be surprised if the casino support team contacts the player and offers a bonus for playing blackjack.

To prevent abuse of bonus systems, online casinos establish some wagering requirements for cashing out a bonus. This means that when the player accepts a bonus, the casino has the right to require to bet a certain amount of money before money withdrawal from the online casino. The amount that player has to wager to “clear” funds and cash out the bonus is in direct dependence on the amount of the deposit and/or bonus.


How to win at blackjack – strategies

It is almost impossible to find a card player, who would be never interested in getting the right answer to the question about how to win at blackjack, and win big. Thousands of guys lost millions of dollars trying their own “winning” strategies or using famous ones. Those, who won much, do not unveil their secret of success. Therefore, we will try to decide whether to use a BJ strategy or not.

How to win at blackjack playing with a strategy?

First, newbies have to get used to the rules. Once they have mastered the rules, they want one thing and that is to win. You can make an attempt to win by playing according to your own system. You may have come up with a method that you think can successfully beat the dealer. Yet this is by no means always the best strategy to win. However, there are plenty of players who have unfortunately failed with their own system. Thus, curious about how to win blackjack at casino consistently, use the strategies that are considered the best ones.

The basic strategy

The base system was invented by a mathematician. He decided to calculate (based on probability calculations) how big the chance was that you would win if you took another card at 17 points, for example. He made a probability calculation for almost every possible card combination. Because this takes a lot of time, he decided to put the data in a handy table. There, you can easily read when it is better to take a card or not. You can get and download this table at BJ sites.


The chance that you lose dozens of rounds in a row in Blackjack with a table is small. Each round you lose increases the next round’s chances of winning significantly. Still, you may lose a few times in a row. It is nice if you can absorb losses with, for example, a specific system with which you bet. Martingale is a simple system. Using it, you first put in a starting amount, for example, $ 5. Every time you win you go back to the starting amount. When losing, double the bet. By doubling your bet you can absorb losses and avoid losing permanently. The only downside is that your bet can be quite high.

Besides, those, who this they are sure in how to win online blackjack, recommend counting cards or using the Fibonacci strategy.

Live dealer blackjack — how to win?

The main answer to the question about how to win at blackjack playing with a live dealer is as follows: be extremely attentive playing at the table. Although you may have chosen the best strategy, this, unfortunately, does not guarantee success. You still depend on the cards you draw. Despite the fact that the game is tactical, you can draw the wrong cards and unfortunately still lose. This is of course extremely annoying especially if you had set on profit. Nevertheless, Blackjack also remains a game of chance. Remember it and even when you lose, remember that next time, you will win.


Texas Holdem poker online – become a Pro with help of free games


Texas Holdem poker online is one of the most famous and common types of casino poker games. It’s known all over the world and it’s been played by all people for more than 50 years.

Today, no one casino, whether land-based or online, is complete without this exciting game. If you want to become a professional in Texas Holdem poker online game, you need to practice your skills.


There’re several ways to improve your skills in this attractive game:

  • play online for free;
  • play live Texas Holdem poker online;
  • participate in different tournaments.

Live Texas Holdem is most similar to a real game. This’s a more interesting and exciting option, since you play with real people, not with machines. But often there are limitations and you’ll not be allowed to play it for a long time.

To become a professional, the first option is the best. Here you can practice at least 24 hours a day, the main thing is your perseverance in Texas Holdem poker.

Tips on how to become a professional at Texas Holdem poker online

Following tips described below, you can start winning consciously and without using intuition several times faster than if you’re learning without this knowledge:

  1. Bluff, bluff, and bluff again. This’s the most powerful tool in the Texas Holdem poker online gambling game. If you don’t learn how to do this influence, you can forget about your career as a professional poker player. Let your cards decide exactly how you bluff. For example, you don’t have the best combination on your hands, but looking at common cards, you understand that other players don’t have many advantageous combinations. So, bluff by raising the bet.
  2. Learn to understand situations when you need to quit the game. If you see that you have the worst winning combination or there’s no one at all, don’t go all the way. Fold. This’s a good way to avoid losing large amounts of money due to perseverance.
  3. Learn to recognize other player’s combinations. This way you can fully assess what you’ll face and understand what your chances of winning the game are.

These’re the most important rules, but they’re not the only ones. Learn more about this interesting topic and try different ways to win.


To avoid wasting time on long registration or downloading games, below is a list of sites where you can play poker online Texas Holdem with no download no registration:


Train on free multiplayer, become a professional and win all the money in the world with poker online Texas Holdem.


Play online Blackjack in Canada is a fun and profitable entertainment

Play online Blackjack in Canada in 2020 and the following years

People have known Blackjack for a long time ago. This gambling competition has its own features and rules, which you need to study carefully and only then start the competition. Virtual gaming is developing very rapidly in our world. All the games that are known to humanity in 2020 can be found in online casinos. You can play online Blackjack in Canada on many gaming sites, but be careful about choosing the optimal gambling platform. An online casino must have a license to operate, and you can safely trust only such a gaming platform.

Blackjack tournaments

If you want to become a regular player of online casinos and play online Blackjack in Canada, first learn the rules and strategies for a successful game. You can choose a universal gambling platform for online Blackjack and start practicing on it for fun no download. Today, thanks to the development of great providers on the Internet, there are various opportunities for play Blackjack online free.

The point of the 21-point contest is to beat the dealer and get the optimal combination of cards, in which the total points will be close to 21 numbers. The main thing in this case is not to allow overkill and not to take more cards than the dealer do. If you are just a beginner gamer, then use the basic strategy for Blackjack. Its essence is to play so that the amount of cards does not exceed 21 points. The main principle of this tactic is caution and foresight.

If you have already mastered the techniques that teach how to play for beginners, then it may be time to try your hand at tournament Blackjack. These interesting and dynamic competitions are held today on many sites, attracting the attention of both beginners and professional gamers. In order to successfully play free Blackjack games online and take part in collective battles, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of this gambling event.

Before entering the tournament, you need to learn the rules of the competition before registering. In 2020, virtual sites offer a large number of varieties of Blackjack. Each option for play online Blackjack in Canada has its own characteristics and patterns. Take part in tournament games where you have learned the rules very well. Devote enough time to participating in the tournament so that no one distracts you during the game. Start with free games, and as soon as you get enough experience – welcome to the format of a paid Blackjack tournament.

Tips for novice Blackjack gamers in Canada

Everyone, even the most powerful and successful player, was once a novice. Knowledge and skills do not come to a person arbitrarily. Play online Blackjack in Canada requires practice and constant training.

The rules of Blackjack are not so complicated, the main thing in this game is to remember the values of the cards. For novice users, the best start will be the classic version of this card entertainment.

For the best way to play online Blackjack in Canada, remember the denominations of each card. This will give you great advantages in the future competition and you will be able to play not only free, but also for real money.

A few useful tips for new users of Blackjack online:

  • Analyze the gameplay;
  • Play as often as possible;
  • Pay attention to the game strategies of other table participants;
  • First, choose the classic version of Blackjack.

Every online casino user, when they start playing, has the main dream – to win. According to statistics, playing Blackjack gives the highest chances to win over the casino.