How to choose online poker casino for real money

Even among the rooms selected for this article, it is difficult to choose the best one. Usually professional poker players play two or three rooms. In one, it is difficult to collect a sufficient load. Choose a few criteria that are important to you:

  • Game time. In some rooms, the peak occurs at night in Kiev, in some – in the morning.
  • The presence of a game at limits in your format. In some rooms there is little traffic for mid-stakes regulars, but a lot at micro-stakes, or vice versa.
  • National composition. If a room focuses on players from American countries, then the field there will be stronger than in a room that focuses on Asians.
  • Opportunity to win a ticket to a live event. Not all rooms offer these satellites.
  • Rakeback amount. If you are going to play a lot, then this is an important indicator. With good rakeback, hundreds of dollars a month can be returned.
  • Room selection criteria vary depending on the specific user. Determine what is most important to you and download the client of the room you like. Any room from the list above can be safely installed.

Free real money poker game

You can play poker without transferring your personal funds to your account. Freerolls are held in all rooms, many of them offer a no deposit bonus.

Freerolls are tournaments where you can register for free and win real money. The no deposit bonus is a welcome offer when the poker room gives funds to the game for registration. These promotions are run by 888poker and GGPokerOK .

Freerolls and no deposit bonuses allow you to try your own hand at poker and even start a poker career without investment. Without luck and hard work, you cannot achieve big wins, but in the absence of risk it is reckless to miss a free opportunity. Moreover, there are high-level pros in the modern community who started from scratch.

Is it real to make money with poker

Online poker for real money can still generate income above the average. For a regular profitable game, you need to learn the strategy of your discipline and learn how to apply it. You need to train multitabling and develop the habit of working on theory on specially designated days. Work means using calculators, sorting out hands with senior fellows in the shop, and working with statistics.

And these are only individuals who are ready to advertise their activities and successes. There are many more poker players who consider it right to remain in the shadows. Some of them earn as much as the listed players, some less, but still very worthy.

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